What is Alzheimer’s?


Millions of Americans Are Living With Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias

6.7 Million

In 2023, Approximately 6.7 Million People 65 or Older Are Living With Alzheimer’s

12.7 Million

By 2050, the Number of People Age 65 and Older With Alzheimer’s Dementia Is Projected to Reach 12.7 Million

Seq Biomarque is Addressing an Unmet Need in Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the number one cause of dementia. In the US, approximately 5.5 million people are affected, and the prevalence worldwide is estimated to be as high as 24 million.

Currently, the diagnosis of AD involves Cognitive clinical assessments and the use of expensive (Brain scans) or invasive (spinal fluid) testing.

Seq Biomarque is developing a multifactor blood-based AD diagnostic test

Precision Neuroscience:  Seq Biomarque is developing a multifactor blood-based AD diagnostic test focusing on pathological biomarkers.

Seq Biomarque is working with guidance from world-renowned leaders in AD research to develop a blood-based multifactor AD diagnostic test.

Seq Biomarque is developing a strong IP portfolio.

Seq Biomarque develops plasma-based AD biomarker tests. Biomarkers include pathological hallmarks of AD (amyloid-β and phosphorylated Tau) and biomarkers novel to the AD continuum. All biomarkers focus on biological pathways of AD and may complement strategies for therapeutic intervention.

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